Platform Explorer / CMF 1.8

125 Operations

Push Document List

Push & Pop Document.PushList

Push to Clipboard

User Interface Seam.AddToClipboard Require Seam

Render Document

Conversion Render.Document

Run File Chain

Execution Flow Context.RunFileOperation

Run Operation

Execution Flow Context.RunOperation

Set File Name

Files Blob.SetFilename

UI Current Domain

Fetch Seam.GetCurrentDomain Require Seam

UI Worklist

Fetch Seam.FetchFromWorklist Require Seam

Update comments number on the document

Routing Document.Routing.UpdateCommentsInfoOnDocument

Change Tab

User Interface Seam.ChangeTab Require Seam

Clear Clipboard

User Interface Seam.ClearClipboard Require Seam


Document Document.Copy


Document Document.Create

Create Document in UI

User Interface Seam.CreateDocumentInUI Require Seam

Create Relation

Services Relations.CreateRelation

Download file

User Interface Seam.DownloadFile Require Seam

Export to File

Files Blob.ToFile

Get Children

Document Document.GetChildren

Get Document Files

Files Blob.GetList

Get Principal Emails

Users & Groups Document.GetPrincipalEmails

Get User Setting

Users & Groups Document.getSetting

Get Users and Groups

Users & Groups Document.GetUsersAndGroups


Document Document.Lock

Log Event In Audit

Services Audit.Log


Document Document.MultiPublish

Pop File List

Push & Pop Blob.PopList

Push Document

Push & Pop Document.Push

Push File List

Push & Pop Blob.PushList

Push to Worklist

User Interface Seam.AddToWorklist Require Seam


Fetch Document.Query

Remove Case Links from Mailboxes

CaseManagement Case.Management.Step.Remove.CaseLink

Remove Property

Document Document.RemoveProperty

Resize a picture

Conversion Picture.resize

Restore Files Input

Execution Context Context.RestoreBlobsInput

Run Input Script

Scripting Context.RunInputScript

Run Script

Scripting Context.RunScript

Send Event

Notification Notification.SendEvent

Set Context Variable From Input

Execution Context Context.SetInputAsVar

UI Clipboard

Fetch Seam.FetchFromClipboard Require Seam


Files Blob.CreateZip

Add Info Message

User Interface Seam.AddInfoMessage Require Seam

Attach File

Files Blob.Attach

Case Link creation

CaseManagement Case.Management.CreateCaseLink

Check Out

Document Document.CheckOut

Create Document from file

Services FileManager.Import


Fetch Document.Fetch

Get Linked Documents

Services Relations.GetRelations

List available actions

Services Actions.GET

Pop Document

Push & Pop Document.Pop

Pull Document

Push & Pop Document.Pull

Push File

Push & Pop Blob.Push

Push to Seam Context

User Interface Seam.PushDocument Require Seam

Render Document Feed

Conversion Render.DocumentFeed

Resume Step

Routing Document.Routing.Resume.Step

Save Session

Execution Flow Document.SaveSession

Send E-Mail

Notification Notification.SendMail

Set File

Document Blob.Set

Set Step back to a ready state

Routing Document.Routing.BackToReady

Step To CaseLink Mapping

CaseManagement Case.Management.Step.CaseLink.Mapping

UI Selected documents

Fetch Seam.GetSelectedDocuments Require Seam


Document Document.Delete

Distribute a case

CaseManagement Case.Management.Distribution

Fetch By Property

Fetch Document.FetchByProperty

Get Document File

Files Blob.Get

Get user tasks

Services Workflow.GetTask Since 5.4

Pop Document List

Push & Pop Document.PopList

Get Parent

Document Document.GetParent

Get User Settings

Users & Groups Document.getSettings

Init Seam Context

User Interface Seam.InitContext

Login As

Users & Groups Auth.LoginAs


Document Document.Move


Fetch Document.PageProvider

Publish Document

Document Document.Publish

Pull File

Push & Pop Blob.Pull

Pull File List

Push & Pop Blob.PullList

Query Audit Service

Services Audit.Query


User Interface Seam.Refresh Require Seam

Remove File

Files Blob.Remove


Document Document.Reload

Restore Documents Input

Execution Context Context.RestoreDocumentsInput

Restore File Input

Execution Context Context.RestoreBlobInput

Run Document Chain

Execution Flow Context.RunDocumentOperation

Set Context Variable

Execution Context Context.SetVar

Set JSF Outcome

User Interface Seam.SetOutcome Require Seam

Set Step Done

Routing Document.Routing.Step.Done

Show Create Document Page

User Interface Seam.CreateDocumentForm Require Seam

Snapshot Version

Document Document.CreateVersion

UI Document From Seam

Fetch Seam.FetchDocument Require Seam


Document Document.Unlock

Add Error Message

User Interface Seam.AddErrorMessage Require Seam

Cancel Document Creation in UI

User Interface Seam.CancelCreateDocumentInUI Require Seam

Check In

Document Document.CheckIn

Clear Worklist

User Interface Seam.ClearWorklist Require Seam

Context File(s)

Fetch Context.FetchFile

Convert To PDF

Conversion Blob.ToPDF

Create Document from file in User's workspace

Services UserWorkspace.CreateDocumentFromBlob

Filter List

Document Document.Filter

Get Child

Document Document.GetChild

Approve Case Links from Mailboxes

CaseManagement Case.Management.Approve.CaseLink

Context Document(s)

Fetch Context.FetchDocument

Create task

Services Workflow.CreateTask Since 5.3.2

Destroy Seam Context

User Interface Seam.DestroyContext

File From URL

Fetch Blob.Create

Follow Life Cycle Transition

Document Document.SetLifeCycle

Get image view

Conversion Picture.getView


Files Blob.Post


Users & Groups Auth.Logout

Navigate to Document

User Interface Seam.NavigateTo Require Seam

Pop File

Push & Pop Blob.Pop

Pull Document List

Push & Pop Document.PullList

Remove ACL

Document Document.RemoveACL

Restore Document Input

Execution Context Context.RestoreDocumentInput

Retrieve counters values

Services Counters.GET

Run operation in Seam Context

User Interface Seam.RunOperation


Document Document.Save

Save Document in UI

User Interface Seam.SaveDocumentInUI Require Seam


Document Document.SetACE

UI Changeable Document

Fetch Seam.GetChangeableDocument Require Seam

UI Current Document

Fetch Seam.GetCurrentDocument Require Seam

UI Current Workspace

Fetch Seam.GetCurrentWorkspace Require Seam

Update Properties

Document Document.Update

Update Property

Document Document.SetProperty


Services Workflow.UserProcessPageProvider


Services Workflow.UserTaskPageProvider