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Extension point request-configuration


Configure how a given path is handled by the WebEngine filter.

If autoTx is true (which is the default) then a transaction will be started each time a path matching the given path specification is requested. (the transaction is started in a filter before the JAX-RS resource is called and closed after the response is sent to the output stream). If false then no transaction handling is done. The default is to start a transaction for any path but: [^/]+/skin/.*

If stateful flag is set (the default is false) then the core session which is provided to the JAX-RS resource (through {@link UserSession#getCoreSession()}) will be reused for each request in the same HTPP session (i.e. the core session is stored in the HTTP Session and closed when the session expires). By default the provided core session has a REQUEST scope (it is closed automatically when request ends).

The value attribute is required and must be used to specify the path pattern. The path pattern is either a prefix or a regular expression. If the regex parameter is true (the default is false) then the value will be expected to be a regular expression. A prefix denotes a path starting with 'prefix'. Paths are relative to the webengine servlet (i.e. they correspond to the servlet path info in the JAX-RS servlet) - and always begin with a '/'.

    <path autoTx="false" stateful="false" value="/admin"/>

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  • Class: org.nuxeo.ecm.webengine.PathDescriptor


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