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Extension point openSocialConfig


This is all the configuration most people need when running an opensocial container.

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  • Class: org.nuxeo.opensocial.shindig.crypto.OpenSocialDescriptor

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  • nuxeo-runtime-5.4.2-HF05.jar
    <extension point="openSocialConfig" target="org.nuxeo.opensocial.service.impl.OpenSocialServiceImpl">
        <!--overall configuration of opensocial that is sufficient for most people -->
            <!--most users don't need to create this key but it can be
            created with this command line on unix
            dd if=/dev/random bs=32 count=1  | openssl base64 > /tmp/key.txt
            then just paste the contents of key.txt into this tag-->
          <!--this is the URL that you want shindig to expose to other service providers
              where it can call us back.  if you have nuxeo running somewhere other than
              /nuxeo, you should set this to something like /<myPrefix>/opensocial/gadgets/oauthcallback -->
          <!--most people can just put the hostname+port that is visible to outside providers in the right
              place below and then keep the same path part ... some providers (like Atlassian)
              allow you to supply this on their config panel as well but it appears that
              the value here overrides the value there... this value must NOT end in slash!-->
          <!--very few folks need to use this, it's only needed if you want to use
              different servers than the "all in one shindig + nuxeo" configuration -->
      <!--list of outside oauth providers that you have told about
       nuxeo being a consumer... and thus nuxeo can run their
       gadgets that need oauth -->
          these are gadgets that are displayed on the nuxeo dashboard that need oauth
          this must match the service name in the gadget's oauth service section.. if you don't see
              such a service name, leave this blank and the service name will default to ""
          this is something you supply to the service provider... it's just a string
          if you leave this blank, we will use the RSA key defined above as the externalPrivateKey... this
          is only needed if you want to use a special, different key for this service provider
          This a list of nuxeo trusted hosts. Such a host will be passed the
          browsers jsession id to avoid the need to constantly re-authenticate to
          retrieve nuxeo data when the user is already logged into a nuxeo server
          to access the dashboard. List should be coma separated.