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Component org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchComponent



Extension Points

XML Source

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<component name="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchComponent" version="1.0">
  <implementation class="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.ElasticSearchComponent" />

      <provide interface="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.api.ElasticSearchService" />
      <provide interface="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.api.ElasticSearchIndexing" />
      <provide interface="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.api.ElasticSearchAdmin" />

  <extension-point name="elasticSearchLocal">
      Extension point used to setup an embedded Elasticsearch instance.

      It creates a local node using the same JVM as Nuxeo.

      This is a test configuration and must not be used in production,
      it is limited to one shard and no replica.


     Please refer to the Elasticsearch node configuration

     clusterName is the

     nodeName is the, default to nuxeoNode

     pathData is the

     indexStoreType is the index.store_type

     httpEnabled is the node.enable_http


    <object class="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.config.ElasticSearchLocalConfig" />

  <extension-point name="elasticSearchRemote">
      Extension point used to configure access to a remote Elasticsearch cluster.

      This setup a TransportClient, clusterName and addressList are mandatory.


     Please refer to the Elasticsearch documentation for the following options:

     clusterName the cluster name to join

     addressList a list of comma separated transport address, note that the default
     elasticsearch TCP port is 9300 and not 9200 (which is the HTTP port).

     clientTransportSniff see client.transport.sniff option

     clientTransportIgnoreClusterName see client.transport.ignore_cluster_name

     clientTransportPingTimeout see client.transport.ping_timeout

     clientTransportNodesSamplerInterval see client.transport.nodes_sampler_interval


    <object class="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.config.ElasticSearchRemoteConfig" />

  <extension-point name="elasticSearchIndex">
      Extension point used to setup an Elasticsearch index.

      The one used to index Nuxeo documents must be of type "doc".

       <elasticSearchIndex name="nuxeo" type="doc" create="true">

    @Since 5.9.3
    name is the Elasticsearch index name.

    type is the Elasticsearch type that hold a mapping, "doc" is the mapping
    for Nuxeo documents

    create can be set to false if you don't want Nuxeo to initialize the index
    and mapping.

    settings the Elasticsearch settings

    mapping the Elasticsearch mapping for the type

    @Since 5.9.5
    fetchFromSources, include a list of field name pattern that will be included
      when fetching document from Elasticsearch (@see NxQueryBuilder.fetchFromElasticsearch)
      use the exclude list to prevent returning fulltext or long fields.


    <object class="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.config.ElasticSearchIndexConfig" />

  <extension-point name="elasticSearchDocWriter">
       Extension point used to setup the writer used when a document is indexed.
       Must extend the JsonESDocumentWriter class. 
         <writer class="" />
    <object class="org.nuxeo.elasticsearch.config.ElasticSearchDocWriterDescriptor" />