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Extension point applicationDefinition


In this extension you will contribute a new application entry that will be caracterized by a name, a baseURL of the application, a relative path to a dedicate login page and logout page, a request handler to select the type of request that must be redirect to this application and a order.

Let see that:

    <application disable="false" name="app1" order="10">

Here we define a new application named "app1". We define the base url of the application. So the full URL to reach it will be:


This seems to be, here, a webengine application. And logout page will be reachable here:


We have the same things with the logout page. The last but not least, the RequestHandler will be the object called to check if the request is a candidate to be redirected to the application. This handler must implements the interface.

You just have to implement, in fact this following method:

        * return true if the request is a candidate for the Application
        described into
        * the {@code ApplicationDescriptor}.
        public boolean isRequestRedirectedToApplication(
        HttpServletRequest request);

If this method return true for a given request, the browser will be redirected to the baseURL of the application with the initial uri into the ApplicationConstant#TARGET_URL_PARAMETER parameter into the redirected URL.

You can for instance return true each time you detect that browser user agent is a mobile browser (you have the MobileRequestHandler implementing that), Like that all mobile browser will be redirected to app1.

For instance if you call http://server/nuxeo/nxdoc/default/1239134098234023@view_documents is called and the handler return true, you be redirected to:


For the login and logout page, becareful to unprotect resources you are using to generate the page. The login page must post to the "${baseURL}/nxstartup.faces"", login module will do the authentication stuff and will redirect to the initial url request for you. baseURL is by default /nuxeo, in the webengine context you can use a relative path (becareful of reverse proxy) I mean if you use jquery library from here:


As you will be redirected to app1 this will not work. So if you do that think to contribute to the PluggableAuthenticationService to declare your open URL for your external resources, this service will also skip the redirect.

Order of the application will let you organize the call order of handlers by the service.

Last thing, becareful to have an efficient handler, as this code can be called many times. If you have handler that called a webservice, that is long, etc. This is a bad idea.

About the login page you just have to create into the target url describe into your contribution a form that post user_name and user_password value to the same page. Authenticator of the service will do the authentication and will after redirect to the target URL.

You can optionally aslo describe the base URL of resources of your application like that:

    <application disable="false" name="app1" order="10">

Like that request to resources of your application will not be redirected to the base url. If your resources are under the base url of your application, this parameter is not needed.

You have already different RequestHandler implemented (Mobile and Anonymous handler)

Contribution Descriptors

Existing Contributions

Contributions are presented in the same order as the registration order on this extension point. This order is displayed before the contribution name, in brackets.

  • nuxeo-web-mobile-cap-7.10.jar /OSGI-INF/web-mobile-application-definition-contrib.xml
    <extension point="applicationDefinition" target="org.nuxeo.ecm.application.definition.service">
        <application disable="false" name="Mobile" order="5">