Platform Explorer / Nuxeo Platform LTS 2015 7.10

Extension point extension


Extension to register filename extension to mimetype association rules.

Specify how a given extension should be used to detect a mimetype. If the extension is marked 'ambiguous', a sniffing of the content of the file is advised.

For instance :

    <fileExtension ambiguous="true" mimetype="text/xml" name="xml"/>

Contribution Descriptors

Existing Contributions

Contributions are presented in the same order as the registration order on this extension point. This order is displayed before the contribution name, in brackets.

  • nuxeo-core-mimetype-7.10.jar /OSGI-INF/nxmimetype-service.xml
    <extension point="extension" target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.mimetype.service.MimetypeRegistryService">
        <documentation>Default filename extension to mimetype rules.</documentation>
        <fileExtension ambiguous="true" mimetype="text/xml" name="xml"/>
        <fileExtension ambiguous="false" mimetype="application/visio" name="vsd"/>
        <fileExtension ambiguous="false" mimetype="application/visio" name="vst"/>
        <fileExtension ambiguous="false" mimetype="application/illustrator" name="ai"/>
        <fileExtension ambiguous="false" mimetype="application/" name="key"/>
        <fileExtension ambiguous="false" mimetype="application/" name="numbers"/>
        <fileExtension ambiguous="false" mimetype="application/" name="pages"/>