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Extension Points

XML Source

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<component name="">

  <implementation class="" />

    <provide interface="" />

  <extension-point name="directories">
      This extension point can be used to register directory ui information.
      <p />
        <directory name="continent" layout="vocabulary" sortField="label">
            <property name="targetDirectory">country</property>
            <property name="targetDirectoryField">parent</property>
        <directory name="country" layout="country_vocabulary"
          sortField="parent" />
      <p />
      The following fields can be used on a directory UI declaration :
          name: name of the directory to display, as used in the directory
          layout: name of the layout to use for display. This layout must know
          how to render elements in a table, so it uses a specific template.
          sortField: name of the field to sort on when presenting directory
          items in a table. Defaults to the directory id field if not set.
          view: name of the JSF view to use to present the directory. Defaults
          to "view_directory" if not set.
          enabled: boolean stating if the declaration is enabled. This is
          useful to disable some preceding declaration, as long as the same
          directory name is used. Defaults to "false" if not set.
      <p />
      Here the layouts "vocabulary" and "country_vocabulary" have to be
      registered as layouts. The delete constraint uses a standard class that
      checks if no child entry references a parent entry before granting
      deletion of the parent entry. The following parameters can be used on this
          targetDirectory: the directory holding the constraint (the child
          targetDirectoryField: the field specifying the parent id in the
          child directory.
      Any other delete constraint can be set, taking other specific parameters,
      provided it follows the

    <object class="" />