Platform Explorer / Nuxeo Platform 8.2

Extension point store

Allow to declare a transient store inside Nuxeo. The store is identified by a name and the descriptor has several parameters :

    <store name="microStore">
        <!--  a store that can not store anything  -->

The store tag supports 2 attributes:

  • name, that is used to identify the store
  • class, that should reference an implementation of TransientStore interface (will default to SimpleTransientStore))

Nested configuration elements are :

  • targetMaxSizeMB : target size that ideally should never be exceeded
  • absoluteMaxSizeMB : size that must never be exceeded
  • firstLevelTTL : TTL in minutes of the first level cache
  • secondLevelTTL : TTL in minutes of the first level cache

Contribution Descriptor

Existing Contributions

  • nuxeo-runtime-8.2.jar /opt/tmp/tmp-explorer/nuxeo-cap-8.2-tomcat/nxserver/config/transient-store-config.xml
    <extension point="store" target="org.nuxeo.ecm.core.transientstore.TransientStorageComponent">
        <store class="org.nuxeo.ecm.core.transientstore.SimpleTransientStore" name="default">