Platform Explorer / Nuxeo Platform LTS 2019 10.10

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    About Explorer

    These modules provide an API to browse the Nuxeo distribution tree:

    - BundleGroup (maven group or artificial grouping)
      - Bundle
        - Component
          - Service
          - Extension Points
          - Contributions
    - Operations
    - Packages

    The Nuxeo Distribution can be:

    • live: in memory (meaning runtime introspection)
    • persisted: saved in Nuxeo Repository as a tree of Documents

    The following documentation items are also extracted:

    • documentation that is built-in Nuxeo Runtime descriptors
    • readme files that may be embedded inside the jar

    What it can be used for

    • browse you distribution
    • check that a given contribution is deployed
    • play with Nuxeo Runtime


    The template explorer-sitemode enables the nuxeo.conf property and defines an anonymous user. The property comes with a more user friendly design and hides the current "live" distribution from display and API.

    The template explorer-virtualadmin disables the usual Administrator user creation at database initialization and adds a virtual admin user with name apidocAdmin, whose password can be changed using nuxeo.conf property org.nuxeo.apidoc.apidocAdmin.password.


    This plugin is composed of 3 bundles:

    • nuxeo-apidoc-core: for the low level API on the live runtime
    • nuxeo-apidoc-repo: for the persistence of exported content on the Nuxeo repository
    • nuxeo-apidoc-webengine: for JAX-RS API and Webview