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    About EasyShare

    The EasyShare package is an addon for the Nuxeo platform to enable sharing files from the repository with external users not requiring a login. You can specify a set of files to be accessed by a specific unique URL which allows anonymous download of either files within the share or proxies from anywhere else in your repository through a special folder listing page. You can also set an expiration date for sharing availability and track all downloads and get notifications.

    This project is an on-going project, supported by Nuxeo


    EasyShare is available as a package add-on [from the Nuxeo Marketplace]



    The documentation for EasyShare is available in our Documentation Center:

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    Reporting Issues

    You can follow the developments in the Nuxeo Platform project of our JIRA bug tracker, which includes an EasyShare component:

    You can report issues on:

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