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Extension point computerChain

Extension point to set or update the chain of group computer. The GroupComputers will be called sequentially according the chain definition.

The contribution should be of the form :


By default, each contribution will completly overwrite the chain. If you just want to add a new computer to the existing chain, set the append attribute to true.

    <groupComputerChain append="true">

You can define several GroupComputers :

  • one GroupComputer that is based on user’s attributes
  • one GroupComputer that is based on user’s localisation in an external referential
  • one GroupComputer that is based on document’s attributes

In order to know how to call theses computers the service implementation will use a chain that lists the names of the computers that must be called.

In some cases, the order may be important, because a computer may overwrite the group definied b y a previous computer.

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