Platform Explorer / Nuxeo Platform 11.4

Extension point automaticRenderViews


Extension point to contribute default render views launched after the creation/update of a 3D document. Identify render views by name.

Contribution Descriptors

  • Class: org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.threed.service.AutomaticRenderView

Existing Contributions

Contributions are presented in the same order as the registration order on this extension point. This order is displayed before the contribution name, in brackets.

  • nuxeo-platform-3d-11.4.42.jar /OSGI-INF/threed-service-contrib.xml
    <extension point="automaticRenderViews" target="org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.threed.service.ThreeDService">
        <automaticRenderView enabled="true" name="isometric" order="0"/>
        <automaticRenderView enabled="true" name="top" order="1"/>
        <automaticRenderView enabled="true" name="front" order="2"/>
        <automaticRenderView enabled="true" name="left" order="3"/>