Platform Explorer / Nuxeo Platform 2021.54

Extension point plugins


A plugin can introspect and persist information related to the current runtime environment.

Sample contribution:

        <extension point="plugins" target="org.nuxeo.apidoc.snapshot.SnapshotManagerComponent">
            <plugin class="org.nuxeo.apidoc.seam.plugin.SeamPlugin"
                id="seam" snapshotClass="org.nuxeo.apidoc.seam.introspection.SeamRuntimeSnapshot">
                    <label>Seam Components</label>

The class should implement the org.nuxeo.apidoc.plugin.Plugin interface.

UI elements are used for rendering on webengine pages. The view type should match a webengine resource type, and the module holding this resource should be contributed to the main webengine module as a fragment using:

          Fragment-Host: org.nuxeo.apidoc.webengine

Contribution Descriptors

  • Class: org.nuxeo.apidoc.plugin.PluginDescriptor


No known contributions.