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Extension point directories


This extension point can be used to register new multi-directories. The extension can contain any number of directories declarations of the form:

        <directory name="userDirectory">
        <source name="ldapusers">
            <subDirectory name="authinfo">
                <field for="email">mail</field>
            <subDirectory name="userinfo">
                <field for="firstName">givenName</field>
                <field for="lastName">sn</field>
                <field for="company">o</field>
        <source creation="true" name="sqlusers">
            <subDirectory name="sqlUserDirectory"/>

Here is the description for each field:

  • schema - the name of the schema to be used for the directory entries.
  • idField - the id field designs the primary key in the table, used for retrieving entries by id.
  • querySizeLimit - the maximum number of results that the queries on this directory should return; if there are more results than this, an exception will be raised.

The references tag is used to define relations between directories. (TODO: describe the references types.)

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