Platform Explorer / Nuxeo Platform 2021

375 Operations

Pull Document

Push & Pop Context.PullDocument
Alias Document.Pull

Nuxeo Drive: Get client update information

Services NuxeoDrive.GetClientUpdateInfo

Check Out

Document Document.CheckOut

Raise Seam events

User Interface Seam.RaiseEvents
Alias WebUI.RaiseSeamEvents
Require Seam

Restore input documents from a script

Execution Context Context.RestoreDocumentsInputFromScript

PDF: Merge with Document(s)

Conversion PDF.MergeWithDocs

Restore log entries

Services Audit.Restore

remove task

Services Workflow.RemoveRoutingTask Since 5.6


Conversion Blob.RunConverter Since 7.1


Chain Image.Blob.ConvertToPDF


Chain VersionAndAttachFile

UI Current Document

Fetch Seam.GetCurrentDocument Require Seam

Run Script

Scripting RunScript
Alias Context.RunScript

PDF: Add Page Numbers

Conversion PDF.AddPageNumbers

Remove from collection

Document Collection.RemoveFromCollection

Get collection suggestion

Services Collection.Suggestion

Nuxeo Drive: Add document to the 'Locally Edited' collection

Services NuxeoDrive.AddToLocallyEditedCollection


Chain terminateWorkflow

Get documents from collection

Document Collection.GetDocumentsFromCollection

Restore File Input

Execution Context Context.RestoreBlobInput

Publish Document's Rendition

Document Document.PublishToSection
Alias Document.PublishRendition

Reorder members of a collection

Document Document.MoveCollectionMember

Sign PDF

Services Services.SignPDF

PDF: Merge with Blob(s)

Conversion PDF.MergeWithBlobs

PDF: Encrypt Read Only

Conversion PDF.EncryptReadOnly


Chain reinitAssigneeComment

Convert to given mime-type

Conversion Blob.Convert Since 5.7


Chain Image.Blob.Resize

Nuxeo Drive: Get the top level folder

Services NuxeoDrive.GetTopLevelFolder


Document Document.Delete


Document CSV.Import

Add Message

User Interface Seam.AddMessage
Alias WebUI.AddMessage
Require Seam

Add Error Message

User Interface Seam.AddErrorMessage
Alias WebUI.AddErrorMessage
Require Seam

Get collections

Document User.GetCollections
Alias Collection.GetCollections

Get Linked Documents

Services Document.GetLinkedDocuments
Alias Relations.GetRelations

Get documents from favorites

Document Favorite.GetDocuments
Alias Collection.GetElementsInFavorite

Nuxeo Drive: Get children

Services NuxeoDrive.GetChildren

Restore Documents Input

Execution Context Context.RestoreDocumentsInput

PDF: Extract Pages

Conversion PDF.ExtractPages

Sign PDF

Services Services.SignPDFDocument

Remove from favorites

Document Document.RemoveFromFavorites
Alias Collection.RemoveFromFavorites

Render with template

Conversion TemplateProcessor.Render

Send Event

Notification Event.Fire
Alias Notification.SendEvent

Get ARender diff url

Document Document.ARenderGetDiffUrl


Chain simpleChooseNextOption2AndDone

Create or Update Group

Users & Groups Group.CreateOrUpdate

Audit Query With Page Provider

Fetch Audit.QueryWithPageProvider
Alias Audit.PageProvider

Get image view

Conversion Picture.GetView
Alias Picture.getView

Context File(s)

Fetch Context.FetchFile

SliceVideo a Video in Parts with equal duration.

Conversion Video.SliceInParts
Alias Video.SliceInParts

Updates directory entries

Services Directory.UpdateEntries

UI Changeable Document

Fetch Seam.GetChangeableDocument Require Seam


Chain NRD-AC-PR-LockDocument

Remove Entry Of Multivalued Property

Document Document.RemoveEntryOfMultivaluedProperty
Alias RemoveEntryOfMultivaluedProperty

Attach File or files to the currentDocument.

Files BlobHolder.AttachOnCurrentDocument
Alias BlobHolder.Attach

Set Workflow Variable

Workflow Context Context.SetWorkflowVar Require Workflow

Send the notification email for a permission

Document Document.SendNotificationEmailForPermission


Files Blob.PostToURL
Alias Blob.Post

Query users

Users & Groups User.Query
Alias Services.QueryUsers


Fetch Repository.Query
Alias Document.Query
Since 6.0

Nuxeo Drive: Can move

Services NuxeoDrive.CanMove

Get the blob for ARender

Document Document.ARenderGetBlob

Add Info Message

User Interface Seam.AddInfoMessage
Alias WebUI.AddInfoMessage
Require Seam

Save Session

Execution Flow Repository.SaveSession
Alias Document.SaveSession


Chain downloadFilesZip

Fetch favorites root collection

Document Favorite.Fetch

Get tag suggestion

Services Tag.Suggestion

Apply mapping on input task doc

Workflow Context Task.ApplyDocumentMapping
Alias Context.ApplyMappingOnTask
Require Workflow

Export to File

Files Blob.ExportToFS
Alias Blob.ToFile


Chain FileManager.ImportInSeam


Notification Log
Alias LogOperation

Nuxeo Drive: Create folder

Services NuxeoDrive.CreateFolder

Set Task Done

Routing Document.Routing.EvaluateCondition

Check Mail Inbox

Services Mail.CheckInbox

Restore input document from a script

Execution Context Context.RestoreDocumentInputFromScript

Add document to favorites

Document Document.AddToFavorites
Alias Collection.AddToFavorites


Document Document.Copy

UI Document From Seam

Fetch Seam.FetchDocument Require Seam


Chain simpleUndo

PDF: Watermark with Text

Conversion PDF.WatermarkWithText


Services Workflow.UserTaskPageProvider

Block Permission Inheritance

Document Document.BlockPermissionInheritance

Set Current Step from Task

Routing Document.Routing.SetRunningStepFromTask

Write Metadata To Blob From Context

Files Blob.SetMetadataFromContext
Alias Binary.WriteMetadataFromContext
Since 7.1

Init Seam Context

User Interface Seam.InitContext
Alias WebUI.InitSeamContext

Run operation in Seam Context

User Interface Seam.RunOperation
Alias WebUI.RunOperationInSeam

PDF: Watermark with Image

Conversion PDF.WatermarkWithImage

Remove File

Files Blob.RemoveFromDocument
Alias Blob.Remove

Push File List

Push & Pop Context.PushBlobList
Alias Blob.PushList


Chain sendTaskCreatedNotificationMail

Nuxeo Drive: Get file system item

Services NuxeoDrive.GetFileSystemItem

Get Principal Emails

Users & Groups Context.GetEmailsWithPermissionOnDoc
Alias Document.GetPrincipalEmails


Chain Blob.ImportClipboard
Alias ImportClipboard


Chain undoRunningTask

Get Document File

Files Document.GetBlob
Alias Blob.Get

Reset Schema

Document Document.ResetSchema


javascript javascript.FilterTemplatesByType

Get Home

Users & Groups User.GetUserWorkspace
Alias UserWorkspace.Get

Get graph

Routing Document.Routing.GetGraph

Push File

Push & Pop Context.PushBlob
Alias Blob.Push

List available actions

Services Actions.GET

Push Document

Push & Pop Context.PushDocument
Alias Document.Push


Chain simpleTask

Nuxeo Drive: Delete

Services NuxeoDrive.Delete

Delete Relation

Services Document.DeleteRelation
Alias Relations.DeleteRelation

Resume workflow

Workflow Context Workflow.ResumeNode
Alias Workflow.ResumeNodeOperation
Require Workflow

UI Selected documents from list

Fetch Seam.GetDocumentsFromSelectionList Require Seam

Get Parent

Document Document.GetParent

Destroy Seam Context

User Interface Seam.DestroyContext
Alias WebUI.DestroySeamContext

Run For Each Page

Execution Flow RunOperationOnProvider
Alias Context.RunOperationOnProvider


Chain mainBlob

Archiving ACEs

Services PermissionsPurge

Log Event In Audit

Services Audit.LogEvent
Alias Audit.Log

Watermarks a Video with a Picture

Files Video.AddWatermark

Bulk Restart Workflow

Workflow Context WorkflowModel.BulkRestartInstances
Alias BulkRestartWorkflow

Extracts closed captions from the video.

Conversion Video.ExtractClosedCaptions

Create a collection

Document Collection.Create
Alias Collection.CreateCollection

Get Versions

Document Document.GetVersions

Create or Update User

Users & Groups User.CreateOrUpdate
Alias Services.CreateUser


Chain setTaskDone

Elasticsearch Indexing

Services Elasticsearch.BulkIndex Since 10.3

Put a Simple Configuration Parameter

Local Configuration LocalConfiguration.PutSimpleConfigurationParameter

Attach File

Files Blob.AttachOnDocument
Alias Blob.Attach

Set Node Variable

Workflow Context Workflow.SetNodeVariable
Alias Context.SetWorkflowNodeVar
Require Workflow

Context Document(s)

Fetch Context.FetchDocument


Document CSV.ImportStatus

Gets a document rendition

Files Document.GetRendition

Unsubscribe document

Document Document.Unsubscribe


Document CSV.ImportResult

Nuxeo Drive: File system item exists

Services NuxeoDrive.FileSystemItemExists

Invite a user

Users & Groups User.Invite

Write Metadata To Binary From Document

Files Blob.SetMetadataFromDocument
Alias Binary.WriteMetadataFromDocument
Since 7.1


Chain evaluateCondition

Get Child

Document Document.GetChild

Bulk Download

Files Blob.BulkDownload

Nuxeo Drive: Setup integration tests

Services NuxeoDrive.SetupIntegrationTests


Chain validateDocument


Services Metrics.Start

Remove ACL

Document Document.RemoveACL

Set Step Done

Routing Document.Routing.Step.Done

Recompute Thumbnails

Services RecomputeThumbnails Since 10.10

Add document to collection

Document Document.AddToCollection
Alias Collection.AddToCollection

Get Quota statistics

Quotas Quotas.GetStatistics

Json Error Stack Display

Execution Context JsonStack.ToggleDisplay Since 6.0


Chain nextAssignee


Document Document.PublishToSections
Alias Document.MultiPublish

Get ARender previewer url

Document Document.ARenderGetPreviewerUrl

Get user tasks

Services Task.GetAssigned
Alias Workflow.GetTask
Since 5.4

Follow Life Cycle Transition

Document Document.FollowLifecycleTransition
Alias Document.SetLifeCycle

Push to Clipboard

User Interface Seam.AddToClipboard
Alias WebUI.AddToClipboard
Require Seam

Wait for Elasticsearch Indexing

Services Elasticsearch.WaitForIndexing Since 8.1

Set Context Variable From a Simple Configuration Parameter

Local Configuration LocalConfiguration.SetSimpleConfigurationParameterAsVar

Create Relation

Services Document.AddRelation
Alias Relations.CreateRelation


Chain NRD-AC-PR-ValidateNode-Output


Chain followLifeCycleTransitionTask

Set JSF Outcome

User Interface Seam.SetOutcome
Alias WebUI.SetJSFOutcome
Require Seam

Get directory entries

Services Directory.Entries

Run Chain

Execution Flow RunOperation
Alias Context.RunOperation

Create task

Services Workflow.CreateRoutingTask Since 5.6

Query Audit Service

Services Audit.Query

Convert To PDF

Conversion Blob.ToPDF

Push to Seam Context

User Interface Seam.PushDocument
Alias WebUI.PushDocumentToSeamContext
Require Seam


Chain NRD-AC-PR-ChooseParticipants-Output

Cancel Document Creation in UI

User Interface Navigation.GoBack
Alias Seam.CancelCreateDocumentInUI
Require Seam


Chain simpleRefuse


Chain setNextStep

Restore Files Input

Execution Context Context.RestoreBlobsInput


Chain containerContentBlob

Produces random blobs

Services StreamImporter.runRandomBlobProducers Since 9.1

Download file

User Interface Seam.DownloadFile
Alias WebUI.DownloadFile
Require Seam

Update comments number on the document

Routing Document.Routing.UpdateCommentsInfoOnDocument

PDF: Watermark with PDF

Conversion PDF.WatermarkWithPDF

Run For Each

Execution Flow RunOperationOnList
Alias Context.RunOperationOnList

Start workflow

Workflow Context Context.StartWorkflow Require Workflow

Nuxeo Drive: Get change summary

Services NuxeoDrive.GetChangeSummary

Load directory entries from CSV file

Services Directory.LoadFromCSV


Chain Blob.ImportWorklist
Alias ImportWorklist

Restore Document Input

Execution Context Context.RestoreDocumentInput


Chain AttachFiles

Creates directory entries

Services Directory.CreateEntries

Run Document Chain

Execution Flow RunDocumentOperation
Alias Context.RunDocumentOperation

Nuxeo Drive: Set versioning options

Services NuxeoDrive.SetVersioningOptions


Chain acceptComment

Pull Document List

Push & Pop Context.PullDocumentList
Alias Document.PullList


Chain ProcessAttachment

Suggesters launcher

User Interface Search.SuggestersLauncher

Send E-Mail

Notification Document.Mail
Alias Notification.SendMail


Chain blobToPDF

Get All Document Files

Files Document.GetBlobs
Alias Blob.GetAll


Chain NRD-AC-PR-UnlockDocument


Chain logInAudit


Fetch Repository.PageProvider
Alias Document.PageProvider

Add Facet

Document Document.AddFacet
Alias Document.AddFacet

Nuxeo Drive: Move

Services NuxeoDrive.Move


Document Document.Reload

Remove Permission

Document Document.RemovePermission


javascript javascript.RenderPdf

Trigger Metadata Mapping

Files Document.SetMetadataFromBlob
Alias Document.TriggerMetadataMapping
Since 7.1

Snapshot Version

Document Document.CreateVersion


Chain followLifeCycleTransition


Chain xmlExportRendition

Complete task

Workflow Context WorkflowTask.Complete
Alias Workflow.CompleteTaskOperation
Require Workflow

Set Context Variable From Input

Execution Context Context.SetInputAsVar

Get open tasks

Workflow Context Workflow.GetOpenTasks
Alias Context.GetOpenTasks
Require Workflow


Chain updateCommentsOnDoc

Pull File List

Push & Pop Context.PullBlobList
Alias Blob.PullList

Nuxeo Drive: Generate Conflicted Item Name

Services NuxeoDrive.GenerateConflictedItemName

Choose branch

Routing Update.NextStep.ConditionalFolder

Adds an Entry Into a Multivalued Complex Property

Document Document.AddItemToListProperty
Alias Document.AddItemToListProperty

Show Create Document Page

User Interface Seam.CreateDocumentForm
Alias WebUI.ShowCreateForm
Require Seam

Concatenate PDFs

Conversion Blob.ConcatenatePDFs

Removes an Entry From a Multivalued Property

Document Document.RemoveItemFromListProperty

Order Document

Document Document.Order Since 10.1


Chain simpleChooseNextOption1AndDone

Executes Works stored in the dead letter queue

Services WorkManager.RunWorkInFailure

Recompute Picture Views

Services Picture.RecomputeViews Since 10.3

Copy Schema

Document Document.CopySchema


Chain setDone


Execution Context Traces.ToggleRecording

Resize a picture

Conversion Picture.Resize
Alias Picture.resize

Clear Worklist

User Interface Seam.ClearWorklist
Alias WebUI.ClearWorklist
Require Seam


Chain initInitiatorComment

Imports document into Redis

Services StreamImporter.runRedisDocumentConsumers Since 10.1


Fetch Repository.ResultSetPageProvider
Alias Resultset.PageProvider

Fetch By Property

Fetch Document.FetchByProperty


Chain NRD-AC-PR-force-validate

Push to Worklist

User Interface Seam.AddToWorklist
Alias WebUI.AddToWorklist
Require Seam


Chain FileManager.ImportWithMetaData

Get suggested directory entries

Services Directory.SuggestEntries

Import blobs

Services StreamImporter.runBlobConsumers Since 9.1


Chain FileManager.ImportWithMetaDataInSeam

Set Context Variable

Execution Context Context.SetVar

Read Metadata From Binary

Files Blob.ReadMetadata
Alias Binary.ReadMetadata
Since 7.1

Run Document Chain in new Tx

Execution Flow Context.RunDocumentOperationInNewTx

Empty Trash

Document Document.EmptyTrash

Set File Name

Files Document.SetBlobName
Alias Blob.SetFilename

Update Property

Document Document.SetProperty

Nuxeo Drive: Scroll descendants

Services NuxeoDrive.ScrollDescendants

Run a bulk command

Services Bulk.RunAction

Save Document in UI

User Interface Seam.SaveDocumentInUI Require Seam

Wait for Bulk computation

Services Bulk.WaitForAction Since 10.2

Restore input blobs from a script

Execution Context Context.RestoreBlobsInputFromScript


Chain cancelWorkflow


Document Document.AddACE
Alias Document.SetACE

Follow publish or reject transition

Document Comment.Moderate

UI Clipboard

Fetch Seam.FetchFromClipboard Require Seam


Chain NRD-AC-PR-storeTaskInfo

Update Properties

Document Document.Update


Business Business.BusinessCreateOperation


Chain publishDocument

Render Document

Conversion Render.Document


Document Document.Trash

Untag Document

Services Services.UntagDocument Since 7.1

Pull File

Push & Pop Context.PullBlob
Alias Blob.Pull

Subscribe document

Document Document.Subscribe

Pop File

Push & Pop Context.PopBlob
Alias Blob.Pop

File From URL

Fetch Blob.CreateFromURL
Alias Blob.Create

Get Document Files

Files Document.GetBlobsByProperty
Alias Blob.GetList


Chain conditionalTask

Resume Step

Routing Document.Routing.Resume.Step


Document Document.Unlock

Create Document in UI

User Interface Seam.CreateDocumentInUI Require Seam


Chain simpleValidate

Set Step back to a ready state

Routing Document.Routing.BackToReady

Change Current Tab

User Interface Navigation.ChangeCurrentTab
Alias Seam.ChangeTab
Require Seam

Get a Directory Projection

Services Directory.Projection Since 5.7.2

Get Quota info

Quotas Quotas.GetInfo

Get Children

Document Document.GetChildren

Push Document List

Push & Pop Context.PushDocumentList
Alias Document.PushList


Services Metrics.Stop

Add entry into multi-valued metadata

Document Document.AddEntryToMultivaluedProperty
Alias AddEntryToMultivaluedProperty DocumentMultivaluedProperty.addItem

Remove Document Proxies

Document Document.RemoveProxies
Alias Document.RemoveProxies

Reads directory entries

Services Directory.ReadEntries

Put Simple Configuration parameters

Local Configuration LocalConfiguration.PutSimpleConfigurationParameters

Add Permission

Document Document.AddPermission
Alias Document.AddACL

PDF: Remove Encryption

Conversion PDF.RemoveEncryption

ResultSet Query

Fetch Repository.ResultSetQuery
Alias ResultSet.PaginatedQuery
Since 6.0

Clear Selected Documents

User Interface Seam.ClearSelectedDocuments
Alias WebUI.ClearSelectedDocuments
Require Seam Since 5.6

Get Users and Groups

Users & Groups Context.GetUsersGroupIdsWithPermissionOnDoc
Alias Document.GetUsersAndGroups

Set File

Document Document.SetBlob
Alias Blob.Set

UI Current Workspace

Fetch Seam.GetCurrentWorkspace Require Seam

PDF: Extract Links

Conversion PDF.ExtractLinks

Remove Facet

Document Document.RemoveFacet
Alias Document.RemoveFacet


Document Document.Save

PDF: Encrypt

Conversion PDF.Encrypt

Nuxeo Drive: Rename

Services NuxeoDrive.Rename

Nuxeo Drive: Wait for Elasticsearch audit completion

Services NuxeoDrive.WaitForElasticsearchCompletion

Create Document from file

Services FileManager.ImportWithProperties

Vocabulary: Add Entry

Services Directory.CreateVocabularyEntry

Clear Clipboard

User Interface Seam.ClearClipboard
Alias WebUI.ClearClipboard
Require Seam

Remove All Document Tags

Services Services.RemoveDocumentTags Since 7.1


Chain zipTreeExportRendition

Create Proxy Live

Document Document.CreateLiveProxy
Alias CreateProxyLive

Unblock Permission Inheritance

Document Document.UnblockPermissionInheritance

Cancel workflow

Workflow Context WorkflowInstance.Cancel
Alias Context.CancelWorkflow
Require Workflow

Restore input blob from a script

Execution Context Context.RestoreBlobInputFromScript


Chain addCurrentDocumentToWorklist

Produces blobs from a list of files

Services StreamImporter.runFileBlobProducers Since 10.2

Pop Document List

Push & Pop Context.PopDocumentList
Alias Document.PopList

List repository names on the server

Fetch GetRepositories


Document Document.Create


Document Document.Lock

Get rendition definition suggestion

Services RenditionDefinition.Suggestion

Nuxeo Drive: Create file

Services NuxeoDrive.CreateFile


Fetch Repository.GetDocument
Alias Document.Fetch

Get Last version

Document Document.GetLastVersion
Alias Document.GetLastVersion

UI Selected documents

Fetch Seam.GetSelectedDocuments Require Seam

Check In

Document Document.CheckIn

Hot Reload Studio Snapshot Package

Services Service.HotReloadStudioSnapshot

Produces random blobs

Services StreamImporter.runRandomDocumentProducers Since 9.1

Filter List

Document Document.Filter


Document Document.Move

Create task

Services Task.Create
Alias Workflow.CreateTask
Since 5.3.2

Nuxeo Drive: Wait for async completion

Services NuxeoDrive.WaitForAsyncCompletion


Chain VersionAndAttachFiles

Get Live Document

Document Proxy.GetSourceDocument
Alias GetLiveDocument

Run Input Script

Scripting RunInputScript
Alias Context.RunInputScript

Tag Document

Services Services.TagDocument Since 7.1


Chain notifyInitiatorEndOfWorkflow


Execution Context Traces.Get

Detach a template

Conversion TemplateProcessor.Detach

Retrieve counters values

Services Counters.GET

PDF: Extract Info

Document PDF.ExtractInfo

Get user/group suggestion

Services UserGroup.Suggestion

Nuxeo Drive: Register / Unregister Synchronization Root

Services NuxeoDrive.SetSynchronization

Run For Each in new TX

Execution Flow RunOperationOnListInNewTx
Alias Context.RunOperationOnListInNewTx

Pop File List

Push & Pop Context.PopBlobList
Alias Blob.PopList

Nuxeo Drive: Tear down integration tests

Services NuxeoDrive.TearDownIntegrationTests


Chain rejectComment


Business Business.BusinessUpdateOperation

Create Document from file

Services FileManager.Import


Files Blob.CreateZip

Nuxeo Drive: Update file

Services NuxeoDrive.UpdateFile

Unpublish Document's Publications

Document Document.UnpublishAll

PDF: Extract Text

Document PDF.ExtractText

Pop Document

Push & Pop Context.PopDocument
Alias Document.Pop


Chain decideNextStepAndSimpleValidate

Remove Property

Document Document.RemoveProperty

Replace Permission

Document Document.ReplacePermission

UI Current Domain

Fetch Seam.GetCurrentDomain Require Seam


Document Document.Untrash


Chain SeamActions.GET

Create Document from file in User's workspace

Services UserWorkspace.CreateDocumentFromBlob

PDF: Convert to Pictures

Conversion PDF.ConvertToPictures


User Interface Seam.Refresh
Alias WebUI.Refresh
Require Seam

Create Picture

Services Picture.Create

Get Task Translated Names

Workflow Context Context.GetTaskNames

Render Document Feed

Conversion Render.DocumentFeed

Nuxeo Drive: Attach blob

Services NuxeoDrive.AttachBlob


Users & Groups Auth.Logout

Run File Chain

Execution Flow RunFileOperation
Alias Context.RunFileOperation


Chain CreateMailDocumentFromAutomation


Chain voidChain

Restore Version

Document Document.RestoreVersion

Nuxeo Drive: Get Roots

Services NuxeoDrive.GetRoots

Imports document

Services StreamImporter.runDocumentConsumers Since 9.1

Elasticsearch Indexing

Services Elasticsearch.Index Since 8.1

Navigate to Document

User Interface Seam.NavigateTo
Alias WebUI.NavigateTo
Require Seam

Get Nuxeo Principal

Users & Groups User.Get
Alias NuxeoPrincipal.Get


Chain publishTask

Document Export

Services Document.Export

Nuxeo Drive: Create test documents

Services NuxeoDrive.CreateTestDocuments

UI Worklist

Fetch Seam.FetchFromWorklist Require Seam

Create Folder

Services FileManager.CreateFolder


Business Business.BusinessFetchOperation

Read Metadata From Binary to Context

Execution Context Context.SetMetadataFromBlob
Alias Context.ReadMetadataFromBinary
Since 7.1


Document CSV.ImportLog

Login As

Users & Groups Auth.LoginAs

Deletes directory entries

Services Directory.DeleteEntries