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    #Nuxeo Binary Metadata

    General information and motivation

    The Nuxeo addon binary-metadata gives the ability to extract and rewrite binaries metadata through Nuxeo platform.

    • Use by default [Exif Tool|]
    • Let contributing other metadata processors


    Nuxeo Binary Metadata Documentation


    mvn clean install


    Copy the built artifacts into $NUXEO_HOME/templates/custom/bundles/ and activate the "custom" template.

    ##Report & Contribute

    We are glad to welcome new developers on this initiative, and even simple usage feedback is great.

    • Ask your questions on Nuxeo Answers
    • Report issues on this GitHub repository (see issues link on the right)
    • Contribute: Send pull requests!

    About Nuxeo

    Nuxeo dramatically improves how content-based applications are built, managed and deployed, making customers more agile, innovative and successful. Nuxeo provides a next generation, enterprise ready platform for building traditional and cutting-edge content oriented applications. Combining a powerful application development environment with SaaS-based tools and a modular architecture, the Nuxeo Platform and Products provide clear business value to some of the most recognizable brands including Verizon, Electronic Arts, Sharp, FICO, the U.S. Navy, and Boeing. Nuxeo is headquartered in New York and Paris. More information is available at

Resolution Order

[75, 311]
The resolution order represents the order in which components have been resolved by the Nuxeo Runtime framework. This range represents the minimal and maximal orders for this bundle's components.
You can influence this order by adding "require" tags in the component declaration, to make sure it is resolved after another component. It will also impact the order in which contributions are registered on their target extension point (see "Registration Order" on contributions).


Maven Artifact

Group Idorg.nuxeo.ecm.platform
Artifact Idnuxeo-binary-metadata


Manifest-Version: 1.0
Archiver-Version: Plexus Archiver
Created-By: Apache Maven 3.9.6
Built-By: root
Build-Jdk: 17.0.11
Bundle-ManifestVersion: 2
Bundle-Version: 1.0.0
Bundle-ActivationPolicy: lazy
Bundle-ClassPath: .
Bundle-Name: nuxeo-binary-metadata
Bundle-RequiredExecutionEnvironment: JavaSE-1.7
Bundle-Vendor: Nuxeo
Bundle-SymbolicName: org.nuxeo.binary.metadata
Nuxeo-Component: OSGI-INF/binary-metadata-service.xml,OSGI-INF/binary-me



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