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    About nuxeo-runtime-metrics

    Since Nuxeo 5.7 Coda Hale Yammer Metrics is used to add metrics to Nuxeo. This module is here to configure the metrics reporter and add default metrics.

    For testing you can run a graphite/grafana stack using the provided docker compose:

    cd ./docker/graphite-grafana
    docker-compose up -d

    Then configure your nuxeo.conf to report metrics and restart Nuxeo:


    Access Grafana using http://localhost:3000 with user: admin pwd: admin, you should have a Nuxeo Grafana dashboard up and running.

    Graphite is also reachable http://localhost:8000

    To stop Grafana (loosing all data):

    docker-compose down

    For production you should use different retentions and docker volumes to persist data.

    You can also find old example of json graphite dashboard graphite directory. To use it from Graphite Dashboard > Edit Dashboard, paste the content

    See for full documentation. See for Metrics documentation.

Resolution Order

The resolution order represents the order in which this bundle's single component has been resolved by the Nuxeo Runtime framework.
You can influence this order by adding "require" tags in the component declaration, to make sure it is resolved after another component. It will also impact the order in which contributions are registered on their target extension point (see "Registration Order" on contributions).


Maven Artifact

Group Idorg.nuxeo.runtime
Artifact Idnuxeo-runtime-metrics


Manifest-Version: 1.0
Archiver-Version: Plexus Archiver
Created-By: Apache Maven 3.9.6
Built-By: root
Build-Jdk: 17.0.11
Bundle-ManifestVersion: 1
Bundle-Version: 2023.12.6-t20240513-130106
Bundle-Name: Nuxeo Runtime Metrics
Bundle-SymbolicName: org.nuxeo.runtime.metrics;singleton:=true
Bundle-Vendor: Nuxeo
Nuxeo-Component: OSGI-INF/runtime-metrics-service.xml



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