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Extension points


XML source

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<component name="">
  <implementation class="" />
  <implementation class="" />

  <!-- the groups SQL directories are required to make this bundle work -->

  <extension target=""

    <!-- Configuration of a server connection

      A single server declaration can point to a cluster of replicated
      servers (using OpenLDAP's slapd + sluprd for instance). To leverage
      such a cluster and improve availibility, please provide one
      <ldapUrl/> tag for each replica of the cluster.
    <server name="default">

      <!-- Optional servers from the same cluster for failover
        and load balancing:


        "ldaps" means TLS/SSL connection.

      <!-- Credentials used by Nuxeo5 to browse the directory, create
        and modify entries.

        Only the authentication of users (bind) use the credentials entered
        through the login form if any.


  <extension target=""

    <directory name="userLDAPDirectory">

      <!-- To additionally restricte entries you can add an
        arbitrary search filter such as the following:


        Beware that "&" writes "&amp;" in XML.

      <!-- use subtree if the people branch is nested -->

      <!-- using 'subany', search will match *toto*. use 'subfinal' to
        match *toto and 'subinitial' to match toto*. subinitial is the
        default  behaviour-->


      <!-- comment <cache* /> tags to disable the cache -->
      <!-- cache timeout in seconds -->

      <!-- maximum number of cached entries before global invalidation -->


      <fieldMapping name="username">uid</fieldMapping>
      <fieldMapping name="password">********</fieldMapping>
      <fieldMapping name="firstName">givenName</fieldMapping>
      <fieldMapping name="lastName">sn</fieldMapping>
      <fieldMapping name="company">o</fieldMapping>
      <fieldMapping name="email">mail</fieldMapping>


        <inverseReference field="groups" directory="groupDirectory"
          dualReferenceField="members" />