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SQL-based implementation for NXDirectory


Extension Points

XML Source

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<component name="">

  <implementation class="" />


    SQL-based implementation for NXDirectory

  <extension-point name="directories">
      This extension point can be used to register new SQL-based
      directories. The
      extension can contain any number of directories
      declarations of the form:
        <directory name="userDirectory">
            <tableReference field="groups" directory="groupDirectory"
              table="user2group" sourceColumn="userId" targetColumn="groupId"
              dataFile="user2group.csv" />
            <permission name="Read">
            <permission name="Write">
      Here is the description for each field:
          schema - the name of the schema to be used for the directory
          types - list of type to categorise directories.
          dataSource - the dataSource name, as registered in the
          table - The name of the sql table where the directory data
          will be
          idField - the id field designs the primary key in the table,
          used for
          retrieving entries by id.
          passwordField - the password field.
          passwordHashAlgorithm - the hash used to encode the password
          in the database, either empty (default), SSHA or SMD5.
          autoincrementIdField - if this is set true, the SQLDirectory
          fill the id field using a generated unique number,
          otherwise the client
          has to supply the id.
          dataFile - file from which to populate the table; the
          first line must
          contain the column names. This can be a csv, tsv, psv file.
          But you
          must take care of the dataFileCharacterSeparator to specify the
          dataFileCharacterSeparator - character that separate each value
          more than one character is set, the first one is gotten and other
          skipped. The character is by default "," but you can set ";" or
          createTablePolicy - one of "never", "always" or
          if this is set to "never", the table will
          never be created; if set to
          "always", the table will be
          created each time the application is
          started; if set to
          "on_missing_columns", the table will be created only
          if the
          schema declares some fields that are not present in the sql
          querySizeLimit - the maximum number of results that the
          queries on
          this directory should return; if there are more
          results than this, an
          exception will be raised.
          nativeCase - false if table and column names should be used exactly
          as specificed in the configuration and schemas (quoted), true if
          should be converted to database-native case (usually
          uppercase); the
          default is false for backward-compatibility.
      The references tag is used to define relations between
      directories. (TODO:
      describe the references types.)

    <object class="" />